Tuesday, January 17, 2012

" l'amour de l'anneau mignon "

For this entry, I wanna talk about the RING.

Ring is refer to ‘jewelry’.

Actually I do not know what the meaning of ring is, what’s the reason person wear a ring and why people wear it. Why? There must be a reason, but I wanted to know why that is? Please tell me. Yeah you know, I only knew for people who get married only wear this little round at their cute finger. But how about for those who have not get married yet?

So now I got one too, but it doesn’t mean that I’m going to get married soon! Hahahaa No..! How I wonder to know why he (Boy) gave me this ring. I want to know what the reason is, there must have at least one! Pls tell me! Its freakin’ me out, I’ve been thinking this ring all night long.. I do! ^^

May I continue in Bahasa (cehh formal lah sangatt!)

Haa, nak tengok ker macam mane rupe cincin tu….? Kepohh yer korang, nak ajer tawuuu… Sepak jugek lajulaju karang J ok, sebenarnye cincin ni tak lah semahal sangat yang korang sangkakan. Tak de lah secantik sampai mata nih ‘blinkblink’ dibuatnyeaa.. tak der…. Biase2 ajer lah, tak de yang nak perlu dikecohkan sangatt… huhhh (mata ke atas, tangan ke dada) KECUALI……. Haaa ade perkataan kecuali di situ yer, bold lagituu.. kecuali cincin ni ade love.. tehee :) *sukesukesambiljoget Iyerlah sebab ade love… lagilagi kaler pon silver gak, dah memang ah silver.. hehe tungguuu… bace dulu, baru boleh tengok cincin tu! Kena ade synopsis, baru boleh feel skali haha..

Sebenarnye sekali pandang memang aku buatbuat sombong pon tak nak tengok. Pastuh duatigakali pandang……huhhhhh naknak! *lompatlompat

Boy tanya,

“Sayang nak? B belikan.. pilihlah..”

mase tu aku rase tak senang jer, tak penahpenah mintakmintak ni (kecuali Rudy.. haha!)

“Betulke..? tak nak lah” *gelenggeleng

Pastu die tanye lagi,

“Ni, nak? Ade love ni, cube dulu..”

pastu aku lak

“Muat…cantik… hihi” *blinkblink you all!

Hahahahh! Pastu dier amek, then bayar..

“terima kasih, saye beli yer abee..”

pastu aku sarungkan kat jari manis sebelah kiri, tibetibe dier bukak balik,

“bukan sebelah tu la sayang, sebelah ni haa…..”

dier sarungkan sebelah kanan you all……! *jogetjoget

Awhh sweet sey.. pastu aku showoff tangan aku depan muke die.. ahahaha buatbuat suke (padahal malu campo suke).

Okay lah korang,

dah kepoh sangatt kan tak sabosabo nak tengok!

Benci aku! Tengok lah puaspuas,


alahh love comel... *jogetjoget!

sila abaikan jari jemari yang gemutgemut tu..
cincin tu focusssss

Walaupun cincin ni tak seberapa kalau dibandingkan dengan cincin impianku,

seperti cincin Tiffany & co...

but it’s okay… nanti time kawen mesti dapat jugak kan… sabo jer lehhh eah hihi^^

B sayangg, I am sorry. I did not know how to use ring and that is why I don’t have any ring at my finger neither in my accessories’ box. How I wonder to know when you will marry me, how do you propose me and I wanna live my life with you! This is my first time I have a ring from you sayangg, ever in my life! and my finger look weird though (I think so) tehee ;p but it’s okay if you want. I will try to make use this ring and thank you so much sayangg. I love you very much! muaahxx *xoxo ^^



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